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High Desert Bankruptcy Center

If you live in Victorville … Apple Valley … Hesperia … or Barstow … you can take control of your life again and it’s never been easier or faster than this . . .

Imagine Yourself – Debt Free!

Here’s How To Shortcut Your Way To
Financial Freedom And Peace Of Mind

Even If You’re Up To Your Neck In Credit Card Bills …
Lawsuits …Wage Garnishment… or Foreclosure!

Over the last 10 years alone, hundreds of thousands of Southern Californians have started living their lives free from nasty debt collectors, overdue bills, and the constant pressure that comes from being over your head in debt.

They made the right choice for themselves – their families – and their futures. They filed bankruptcy.

  • Now these people are experiencing the fresh financial start that bankruptcy provides.
  • ​They’re getting their personal finances under control.
  • They’re rebuilding their credit scores in ways they thought would never be possible again.
  • They’re qualifying for auto loans and mortgages again.
  • They’re making much smarter financial choices than in the past.

They’ve learned 2 very important lessons:

1. Being deep in debt today doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. And …

2. It doesn’t mean you have to be a slave to debt for the rest of your life.

The purpose of bankruptcy is to give you a fresh start in life. Southern California bankruptcy courts are literally busting at the seams from people like you who are at their wits end and need a fresh financial start.

You’re Not Alone In This Mess!

Every person going through severe financial problems feels alone. They think if they just were a little smarter … or if they would just work a bit harder … these problems would go away. Quit being so hard on yourself. It’s not you … it’s the economy.

In California alone, multiplied thousands of people file bankruptcy every year. You probably have good friends, co-workers and neighbors who have filed bankruptcy.

I don’t know why you’re in the financial mess you’re in. Perhaps it’s because of divorce … job lay-offs … sickness … or income that doesn’t keep up with the high cost of Southern California living. You’re overwhelmed with unmanageable debt. And you’re dealing with nasty bill collectors … wage garnishments … lawsuits … repossessions … foreclosures … and evictions.

Who Am I And How Can I Help You?

I’m Stephen Brittain, and I’m a California bankruptcy attorney who works with people with debt problems. It’s my job to know California bankruptcy laws so you can make smarter financial decisions.

I’ve been a California bankruptcy attorney since 1991, helping thousands of Southern Californians file for Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy relief.

I’m a member of the California State Bar and a member of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

My main goal is to get you back on your feet financially so you can get on with the rest of your life. My clients love me … and so will you!

​When you hire me as your bankruptcy lawyer you’ll get effective solutions from a caring and experienced Southern California bankruptcy lawyer. I understand your problems and can help you find the right solution. I’ll give you sound legal advice in plain English that you can understand. That’s a personal promise to you.


“Wow, Stephen! Nobody told me getting out of debt could be this fast and painless.”
                                                                                Ron & Helen

“My wages were being garnished. Just 7 hours after I first shook Stephen’s hand he had my bankruptcy documents ready to sign and file with the court. That’s lightening-fast service!”
                                                                            Joe & Whitney

“My paycheck was being garnished. I called Stephen and he stopped the garnishment immediately. Now I can feed my own family instead of feeding my creditor’s family.”
                                                                         Pete &  Delores

“One word … WOW! I fought with creditors for years. Then I took my friend Maria’s advice and met with Stephen. He got the pesky bill collectors off my back fast.” 

“We just couldn’t take it any longer. We called Stephen and got the help we needed. Absolutely unbelievable! The nasty phone calls stopped immediately. I was able to sleep for the first time in months.”
                                                                                   Jim & Lisa

“I got so tired of running from creditors … hiding my car so it wouldn’t be repossessed … not being able to answer my own phone … being afraid to go to the mailbox. Finally, I refused to live that way any longer. I called Stephen and got my life back.”

“Stephen paid attention to every detail and is flexible in his thinking. He’s fantastic. Hire him before his rates go up!”
                                                                         Robert & Karen

“We live smack-dab in the middle of nowhere. No problem! Stephen took care of all our needs by phone, internet and mail. We didn’t even have to leave our house! This is definitely the way to go”
                                                                                Todd & Jan

You’ll Be Amazed At How Easy It Is For You
To Get A Fresh Financial Start

​If you’ll talk with me I’ll show you how you can get a fresh financial start and get your personal finances back under control.

Look at what you’re being offered. . .

  • You’ll get honest advice from a bankruptcy attorney with over 20 years of practical experience.
  • The telephone calls at home and at work will STOP immediately.
  • You’ll meet with me – not some paralegal.
  • There are no long, confusing stacks of forms to fill out.
  • When you go to court you’ll be represented by me – the lawyer you hired, not some complete stranger you’ve never met before who doesn’t understand your case.
  • You’ll get complete court representation so you’ll never walk into court alone.
  • I’ll be right by your side to take care of any problems that may arise.
  • You’ll be prepared for each step of the bankruptcy process to avoid any problems.
  • When your case is completed, I’ll show you how to clean up your credit rating as quickly as possible.
  • And MUCH, MUCH more.

I’m going to lead you through the entire process step by step. Trust me … after 25 years I’ve learned how to make the process so brain-dead simple that even a 4 year old could do it!

Let’s Get Really Honest Here …​

Living with constant financial pressure can leave your mind foggy and confused. I’m sure you don’t know all the steps you need to take. But I do … That’s been my job for the past 23 years. By clicking on the ORANGE BUTTON below you’re taking your first step to a fresh financial start in life.

The #1 reason why many of you hesitate to call me is because you think it’s a trick to con you into my office. And once you step into my office there’ll be waterboarding … arm twisting … and a high pressure sales pitch. ​

I’ll make you a deal . . .


Come see me. I’ll talk to you in plain English. We’ll plot out a plan on how to wipe out debt, protect your property and get you a fresh financial start in life. After we talk, you go home and decide what’s best for you … your family … and your future. If you want to hire me, you’ll have to call me back again.

How’s that for fair?

Remember …​

Your Life Doesn’t Get Better By Chance.
It Gets Better By Change.

Translation: Get up off your butt now and take control of your own life. It’s up to you to decide to do something about this financial mess you’re in. DO IT NOW!

I want you to click the ORANGE BUTTON below now. You’ll be taken to a page and asked for about 10 seconds of information. Then I’ll contact you back and make arrangements to meet.

Click the ORANGE BUTTON now and get headed toward a better tomorrow.​

Talk with me. I’ll treat you like a friend.​